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Prestige Auto Transportation Service
Bespoke Enclosed Transportation for Exquisite Automobiles
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Trailer One is fully lockable and is locked to the tow vehicle at all times, as well having been fitted with an internal and external CCTV system, enabling the monitoring of vehicles at all times during transport. Both trailers are very discreet in appearance with only a small logo on the back doors. We are currently reviewing tracking systems to fit to the vehicle which will enable greater security and monitoring of loads.
the view through our in-trailer security cameras
Our Insurance
Our Goods in Transit Insurance Policy has been designed specifically for our business requirements and high value cargo. Our insurance pays in full for any damage sustained during loading/unloading and transportation. By comparison, most Goods in Transit Policies are tailored to accommodate general cargo and only pay out a percentage of the value of the load. Our insurance covers up to a value of £250,000 in the first instance, however this can of course be increased upon request.

Our tow vehicle is also insured specifically for Transport (known as ‘Hire and Reward’), as opposed to a standard Traders Policy.
examples of cars we have transported

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